RT Software Studio

RT Software Studio is an independent group of mobile application developers who have published numerous titles for Android™ since 2010.

Download Manager

Download Manager provides an embedded web browser to find content and capture downloads, a separate queue of downloads for pausing and resuming, as well as a file manager to handle completed downloads. Advanced features include support for external SD cards, optimizing throughput by using parallel download parts, persisting download state across app and device restarts, plus much more...


File Explorer

File Explorer is a file manager app for Android™. In addition to the typical file management functions, like navigating through directories, renaming, copying, moving, deleting and archiving, you can share files within your wireless network with other devices, for example desktop computers, laptops and even smart TVs. For smart phones and tablets, a convenient way to share files is to scan a generated QR code to receive the content. Sharing works both ways, meaning files can be uploaded to your device also using a standard web interface, without any extra software, plugins or cables.


Wifi Explorer

Wifi Explorer is an app that allows managing your device wirelessly, for example from your laptop computer using just your favorite web browser. It provides a simple, clean and standard web interface, meaning that no 3rd party software installation or browser plugin is needed. You can browse the directorires on your device, transfer files, manage your installed apps and contacts, stream images and capture screenshots from your camera, manage the device clipboard and view system information.


Live Wallpapers

Bring your device to life with our selection of live wallpapers. For example, Photo Stream Live Wallpaper (showcased below) calmly scrolls through your favorite pictures on your device background. Features include smooth OpenGL graphics, selecting your own pictures, as well as controlling image borders, rotation, etc. Click the download button below to find out more, and be sure to check out our other live wallpapers as well.


IP Camera

Camera Streamer is an app that can turn your Android™ device into an IP camera. The video stream can be viewed within the same wireless network using a web browser or video player - no cables or software installations are required. Advanced features allow controlling the frame resolution, quality, rotation and light effect.


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